We are Mobile Integration Workgroup

An emerging, full-service professional services and consulting firm focused on providing turnkey and cost-efficient solutions for small to Fortune 500 companies nationwide.

Quickly becoming an industry leader, our unique offerings enable clients to identify and creatively solve mission-critical business issues, increase workforce flexibility, strengthen customer service offerings, and strengthen the technology infrastructure of their organization.

These offerings include:

Professional Services

Consulting Services

Project Solutions

Mobile Integration WorkGroup (MIW) was founded in 2000 by Marcus Williams who serves as the CEO. Marcus has over 15 years experience in the IT/Technology industry. He’s worked at Fiserv, IDX,  Microsoft, Avagadro, and in Openwave/AT&T in various roles .At some point in his career, he decided that there must be a solid, comprehensive, full service way to conduct business. Thus, the advent of Mobile Integration WorkGroup. We look forward to working with you.