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Mobile Integration WorkGroup is an emerging, full-service staffing and consulting firm focused on providing turnkey and cost-efficient solutions for small to Fortune 500 companies nationwide.

Quickly becoming an industry leader, our unique offerings enable clients to identify and creatively solve mission-critical business issues, increase workforce flexibility, strengthen customer service offerings, and strengthen the technology infrastructure of their organization.

These offerings include:


Consulting Services

Project Solutions

Mobile Integration WorkGroup (MIW) was founded in 2000 by Marcus Williams who serves as the Managing Partner. Marcus has over 15 years experience in the IT/Technology industry. He’s worked at Fiserv, IDX,  Microsoft, Avagador, and in Openwave/AT&T in various roles .At some point in his career, he decided that there must be a solid, comprehensive, full service way to conduct business. Thus, the advent of Mobile Integration WorkGroup. We look forward to working with you.

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